Client and Employee Feedback

What we do

We help you to understand, manage and strengthen your firm’s client relationships by conducting feedback programmes to reveal and address the issues that really matter to your clients.

Meridian West’s recent research shows that clients are becoming more demanding about service: 80% say they expect a more consistent level of service from their professional advisers. It is very important therefore, that firms commit to measuring the health of their existing client relationships through rigorous client feedback.

Our client feedback analysis – monitoring satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and other relationship attributes in real time – is action-orientated. This enables the leadership team to align firm-wide behaviours to retain clients, strengthen relationships and grow share of wallet.

Deep client insights

We incorporate a range of research techniques to effectively capture client insights: from online and in-depth face-to face reviews, to telephone interviews and client round tables. We combine our research with intelligent analysis, to provide effective recommendations to your firm.

We offer coaching and workshops, support with internal communications and advice on HR alignment to drive behavioural change based on the client feedback. This helps you to use the research constructively and achieve maximum return on investment.

Client feedback increases profitably by providing early warning signs of potential issues and highlighting cross-selling opportunities.

It demonstrates to clients that their perspectives are important, their business is valued and that you are committed to a long-term relationship.

It identifies clear actions that employees can take, to improve service and make a big difference to clients.

Innovation in client feedback

Compass is a bespoke Meridian West product, which collects feedback from clients and employees and integrates it with financial metrics. This enables real-time, data-driven, decision making by providing an up to date picture of satisfaction and performance, displayed through a simple to use, visual and scalable portal that can be tailored to individual managers and their roles.

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