Compass: the next-generation client feedback portal

Compass collects feedback from clients and employees, and integrates it with financial metrics.
This enables real-time, data-driven, decision making by providing an up to date picture of satisfaction and performance, displayed through a simple to use, visual and scalable portal that can be tailored to individual managers and their roles.

The platform lets you create surveys, deliver them to your clients and staff and use advanced reporting tools to filter information, create charts, and share insight. By providing real-time insights from your clients and staff, Compass enables you to identify the practical steps that will protect revenue at risk, reduce write-off and identify cross-selling opportunities.

Each platform is designed with your individual branding, and has multiple features that can be adapted to suit your needs.

Key features include:

1. A ‘one window’ approach

Compass gives an instant snapshot of the health of the firm by integrating client, employee and financial data. [Read more]

2. Sophisticated analysis

Compass identifies the drivers that enable you to balance 3 outcomes: profitability, employee engagement and client satisfaction. [Read more]

3. Dynamic, engaging portal

Compass is simple to use and allows staff to share best practice ideas. [Read more]

4. Advanced reporting tools

 Compass instantly filters information, explores the data and creates reports. [Read more]

5. Closed feedback loop

Compass creates a closed feedback loop to quickly flag and remedy issues, and follow up on opportunities. [Read more]