Market Strategy

What we do 

For the past decade we have worked hand-in-hand with professional and financial services firms, helping them formulate and implement new market strategies. From the Big Four to newly founded firms, from entire companies to single practice areas within them, we have helped our clients identify key opportunities, leverage their unique offerings, and reform their internal structures to maintain their competitive edge.

We develop heavily researched, practical strategies to maintain your firm’s competitive edge in the face of more demanding clients, disruptive competitors, and changing markets. However, experience has shown us the need to go beyond analysis. We go beyond analysis and work with you every step of the way to ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of your firm’s new strategy.

In the face of more demanding clients, disruptive competitors and changing markets, we know what our clients need: practical strategy.

We specialise in the professional and financial services sector, so we understand the issues that really matter to you and your firm. We work quickly and communicate our insights clearly and succinctly.

Our experienced team will help you see the wood from the trees. Our recommendations are based on a robust interrogation of the facts, including financial analysis, competitor analysis, market trends, and stakeholder interviews.

We won’t just leave you with a report, our team will work with you to get internal buy-in for the changes that need to be made. We offer project management, training, and coaching to ensure your strategy is successful.

Project phases

We examine

  • We identify growth areas by analysing financial data
  • We secure your future by uncovering market trends
  • We enhance your position by thoroughly profiling your competitors

We synthesise

  • We acknowledge your limitations to be able to propose a realistic scale of changes
  • We nurture internal buy-in by facilitating partner conferences and employee engagement
  • We simplify your strategy into a one-page plan

We implement

  • We consolidate firm-wide strategy and personal objectives, ensuring complete internal investment
  • We offer skills development and coaching to help employees adjust
  • We ensure substantial change by closely working with you throughout the process

“The Meridian team has proved itself to be a highly capable group that rapidly gets to grips with complex financial issues in the institutional asset management and capital markets sectors.”

Global Head of Marketing, Investment Bank

Case studies