Thought Leadership

What we do

Thought leadership showcases commercial instinct beyond standard transactional work, and initiates new conversations with clients. In our recent research, 55% of clients say they are operating in a more risky business environment – as a result they are keen to tap into the wealth of knowledge and insight among professional advisers to get a better steer on the issues, risks and opportunities impacting their business.

We help firms stay ahead of the debate, and work with you to plan, develop and execute impactful campaigns:

Stage 1: “Ideas lab” and campaign planning

  • Topic mapping on ‘big picture’ themes
  • Analysis of existing commentary and debate
  • Identifying the open space and hypotheses for brainstorming with your stakeholders, set within the context of your business development objectives
  • Integrated campaign plan design to create a successful, measurable outcome and generate engagement with your internal and external audiences
  • Meridian West has developed Engage, an online benchmarking and diagnostics portal for engaging fee-earners and client contacts in business development conversations. It generates pre-qualified leads to help prioritise business development efforts

 Stage 2: Research options

  • Desk research: capturing insight from a range of publically available data sources, to an agreed desk research wish list
  • Online: design and build of online interviewing platform using agreed questionnaire, can be customised to your firm’s brand
  • Quantitative: quantitative telephone interviews with participants using agreed questionnaire
  • Qualitative: in-depth interviews – telephone or face-to-face – with participants using agreed discussion guide

Stage 3: Analysis and Interpretation

  • Comprehensive analysis and interpretation of findings from fieldwork
  • PowerPoint deck synthesising key themes, statistics, and insights with fee-earner insight and commentary
  • Debrief workshop with key project stakeholders
  • Shaping narrative for thought leadership report and other outputs

Stage 4: Report copy-writing

  • Drafting of report synthesising research with fee-earner perspectives
  • Quotation approval process with external interviewees
  • Our in-house copywriters work as an integrated part of the research team. This is more efficient and ensures the key research findings are not “lost in translation” to your audience

Stage 5: Campaign implementation

  • Coaching for fee-earners on using collateral for business development
  • Digital and social media strategy and integrated comms plan
  • Drafting additional campaign collateral

Desk research

Capturing insight from a range of publically available data sources, to an agreed desk research wish list

Online research

We collaboratively design a questionnaire, then build a customised interviewing platform to collate the research

Quantitative research

Figures-orientated research allows you to offer concrete numbers within your research

Qualitative research

In-depth interviews bring unparalled depth and context to the research

How innovation is changing: thought leadership for C-suite audiences


    • PwC recently launched a global thought leadership campaign ‘Breakthrough innovation and growth’ based on over 1,750 interviews with senior C-suite individuals in more than 25 countries. The overall objective was to establish a clear link between the PwC brand and innovation.
    • A key focus of Meridian West’s analysis was to model the link between superior innovation practices and revenue uplift. We identified the innovation leaders and laggards, drawing out a really strong message that headlined the report that the leading 20 per cent of innovators surveyed had enjoyed faster growth rates, representing an extra $250 billion in revenue.
    • Through the research Meridian West also established best practices that could be learned from the leaders and peppered these throughout the campaign outputs.


    • The campaign created networks internally within PwC that had not existed previously that helped PwC colleagues offer a more coordinated service to clients.
    • To meet the team’s objective of extending the innovation conversation beyond the one-off hit of a global launch the main report was used as springboard for multiple spin-off thought leadership pieces exploring innovation within different industry sectors or geographies. Meridian West led on developing a number of these spin-off pieces.

Case studies

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