Differentiating your thought leadership campaign – how to refine your themes and topic areas

Sometimes, one of the more challenging elements of developing a thought leadership campaign is to identify specific themes or topics which differentiates you from your competitors and avoids the ‘me too’ approach. It’s delivering something fresh and interesting that should help you stand out amid the plethora of thought leadership published every year.

The following tips are from our  How To Guide on thought leadership:

Investigate outputs from a range of peer firms (both direct competitors and those in adjacent sectors) to ensure there is a clear difference in angle or positioning for your ideas.

  1. Give your audience a clear reason to engage with your content rather than that of another firm
  2. Gain ideas is from your firm’s internal subject matter experts. Based on their recent conversations with clients they will have a sound understanding of client concerns and topics that will grab their attention.
  3. Ask clients directly about the topics that matter most to them. Some firms include a question as part of their client relationship reviews or client feedback to capture insights from clients that help to prioritise future thought leadership topics.
  4. Find a friendly client to road-test campaign ideas. Ask them for feedback that will help you refine the topic area and think about how to position the campaign in order to gain maximum attention.
  5. Workshop your ideas with your stakeholders – at all levels within your firm – to bring out fresh ideas or a new perspective that hadn’t previously been considered.

An additional benefit is that by seeking additional ideas and input at this early stage from relevant stakeholders should deliver greater buy-in later, as the campaign progresses and rolls out.

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