Is your thought leadership Behind the Pack or Ahead of the Curve?

We have recently launched a new Thought Leadership Benchmark to gain deeper insights into how professional services are succeeding with their thought leadership campaigns, what are the key trends, and how successful firms themselves think they are at delivering insights.

The survey will ask about the types of thought leadership you carry out, the techniques used and how you measure success. It should only take around 7 minutes to complete. You will then receive a short assessment of where you sit on the maturity curve, benchmarked against other professisonal firms.

And as a thank you for taking part we can send you a report on thought leadership trends in the professional services sector.
At Meridian West we define thought leadership as “an insight-based publication or campaign on a subject of current interest, commissioned with the aim of attracting media coverage, building your brand, and engaging with a wide audience which includes clients, prospects and colleagues.”

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