Thought leadership megatrends 2021 | balancing purpose and profit

In the second of four webinars exploring thought leadership megatrends, Meridian West considers the growing popularity of purpose-led organisations, what this means for professional services firms and B2B organisations and their thought leadership campaigns.

We examine purpose-led business with:

    • Tamara Griffin HR Consultancy Services
    • Nick Misquitta Senior Business Development Manager, Bates Wells
    • Tim Skipper Managing Director, Totum
    • David Stead Chief Strategy Officer at Maanch
    • Paul Ioannou Social sustainability and strategy consultant
    • Alice Francis Senior Consultant, Meridian West

Balancing purpos and profit | Part 2

We feel that we’ve only started to scratch the surface of this topic, so we’re running a longer session next month with the same panel.
We’ll be taking a deeper look into how businesses can balance purpose and profit, and addressing in more detail the points made by attendees during Tuesday’s session. I hope you can join us again – you can sign up here.

More about thought leadership megatrends 2021

Meridian West’s spring 2021 webinars focus on the megatrends transforming the business world, and what this means for your thought leadership and content marketing campaigns.  Each webinar focuses on one of the hot topics and showcase recent thought leadership, to help you understand what these megatrends mean for your firm and its clients.  Meridian West has assembled a panel of industry experts for each webinar who will give their take on the hottest topics of the moment.

Matt Baldwin, Managing Director of Coast Communications, hosts the series.