Setting a clear strategic vision and a commitment to become client-focused is a critical first step to create substantive change in any professional firm. A shared sense of purpose and direction helps to maintain momentum and enthusiasm for any change.

But change can be difficult: it may mean people have to adjust their habits, systems need to be re-engineered and the status quo is disrupted.

However, the professionals firms that have made real client-focused changes in recent years have enjoyed multiple benefits. They have more satisfied and loyal clients, better financial performance and a more engaged workforce.

Meridian West’s Change capabilities are designed to help you bring your firm’s strategy to life, and to make client-focus a reality in your firm. We work closely with your teams to guide you through the detail of implementation without ever losing sight of the bigger picture.


To achieve long-term, sustainable change it is vital that your firm’s management structure and organisational design keep pace with strategy.

How your firm collects and reports management information may also need to change. Without easy access to the right insight and information it is really difficult to to track the progress of your firm’s strategy.


Process mapping can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing back office systems, and client delivery processes. This leads to reduced write-off and simplified processes without compromising on the quality of the client experience.

Client management is another area where a more structured approach can bring many benefits. Firms that undertake sophisticated key account planning find it easier to deepen relationships with existing clients and convert prospects into clients.


Meridian West works with professional firms to equip their people with the tools, insights and skills needed to be well-rounded professionals.

We do this through through a series of tailored training and skills development programmes based on Meridian West’s skills curriculum, and through intensive one-to-one coaching with our experienced roster of executive coaches and trainers.