Coaching is widely regarded as one of the most effective developmental approaches available. It provides a focused space in which professionals can think through the issues on their personal and business agenda at arm’s length from the rest of their firm.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, coaching is no longer simply used as a remedy for under-performance. It is now more likely to be used to unlock higher levels of performance from ambitious professionals and leaders who already have a proven track record of success, or who are transitioning to a leadership role for the first time.

Meridian West’s team of executive coaches, led by qualified coach Stephen Newton, regularly help professionals to deliver results for their firm.

Meridian West can help your firm to:

  • Provide a programme of one-on-one coaching sessions for professionals looking to accelerate their personal development and leadership skills
  • Provide group coaching to help identify how teams within your firm can collaborate more effectively together
  • Provide targeted coaching opportunities for individuals on a structured development track, such as promotion to partner or to a senior leadership role