Management information

Leadership teams in professional firms need easy access to the right kinds of information on which to base their decisions. While too much information confuses, too little – or the wrong type of information – leads to poor decisions or gridlock.

Traditionally professional firms have privileged financial information and associated metrics such as PEP (profit per equity partner) and utilisation rates (the proportion of people’s hours spent on billable tasks).

However, these internally-focused metrics paint only a partial picture of a firm’s performance. Without equal access to client and employee insight, management decisions can be made on the basis of sound financial logic which may inadvertently undermine the client and employee experience.

Meridian West can help you firm to:

  • Ensure back-end systems are set up to capture and record valuable insight about your firm’s clients and employee
  • Align data capture and reporting systems with the decision-making needs of your leadership team
  • Capture feedback directly from your clients that will help to contextualise your firm’s financial and employee data
  • Benchmark your firm’s management information to assess the health of your firm against its peers