Management structures and organisation design


of law firms have made changes to their firm’s management and governance structure within the last five years.


of these firms describe the changes they have made as significant.

Too many professional firms still operate in silos despite repeated efforts to break down internal barriers to collaboration. It is not uncommon for the management structure or organisation design of a firm to get in the way of sound leadership and agile decision-making. With this in mind, many firms have made fundamental changes in recent years to become more streamlined and client-focused.

In a quickly changing market, professional firms need an agile design that fosters and facilitates strategic thinking as well as timely implementation decision-making.

Typically the most effective professional firm organisational structures have clarity of roles and responsibilities. It is also important that management structure and organisational design reflects the way a firm wants to interact with its clients. A good design must work in practice, not just in theory – it is as much about how and when information is shared as it is about reporting lines on an organogram.

When thinking about an optimum organisation design firms need to take a client-focused approach, designing from client needs backwards. A structure designed purely to appease internal politics is likely to deliver unintended consequences for the client experience.

Meridian West can help your firm to:

  • Design an organisational structure that allows you to serve clients in a joined-up, consistent way
  • Review the effectiveness of your existing management and governance structures
  • Identify where improvements to business process and information flows can improve internal collaboration, client experience and firm profitability
  • Undertake independent consultation on possible changes to any existing structures with your internal stakeholders, recommend and implement changes 
  • Provided tailored training or coaching to leaders to ensure they maximise their contribution within the existing leadership structure