Process mapping

When professional firms deliver work to their clients it is almost always achieved through a number of interlinked processes drawing on the skills and experiences of multiple people. Although the individual processes might work well, the combined experience can sometimes fall short of client expectations.

Process mapping can help reduce inconsistency in client delivery. It highlights friction points in the client experience where clients don’t receive the value or quality of experience they expect, and where a firm leaks profitability.

Mapping these friction points and identifying best practice approaches can help to stem profit leakage by reducing write-offs, improving project management and giving greater clarity on scope. Eliminating, simplifying or standardising processes that add no value to clients can have a transformative effect on your firm’s bottom line.

Meridian West can help your firm to:

  • Map out typical client engagement processes, highlighting friction points and areas of profit leakage
  • Identify best practices at each point on the process map and opportunities for process simplification, standardisation or elimination
  • Quantify the financial benefit of improving processes
  • Build learning from process mapping exercises into bespoke training for professionals in your firm
  • Link a process map to a client journey map to help clients understand the benefits to them of your improved processes