Skills development for client focused businesses

Highly-skilled people are essential for the success of every business. But in today’s market having superior technical skills alone is typically not enough. Professionals are expected to develop and refresh their wider skill set regularly, regardless of their seniority.

A practical approach to skills development

Our workshops are based on our experience and our research with over 1000 buyers of professional services each year (meaning that we know exactly what delights – and irritates – clients like yours). The content is action-oriented and proven in the real world. Delivery is interactive and content can be tailored to meet specific needs.

The sessions are delivered by senior former professionals and C-Suite executives with decades of business experience. They have a deep understanding of the issues businesses face, because they have faced them themselves. Clients we have worked with have found their knowledge and insights an invaluable element of our workshops.

Skills development curriculum

We have modules specifically designed for fee-earners and business services professionals to match every step of the journey from trainee to leader within a professional services firm. Our curriculum can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Our trainers

Meridian West’s trainers are former professionals and C-Suite business executives with a vast amount of real-world experience.

Our approach

Focussed on the issues that matter to professional advisers

  • Our deep knowledge of where to focus is grounded in bespoke research
  • We use client feedback to inform the training
  • Diagnostic surveys identify employees’ views on where they need development
  • Workshops focus on practical problem solving and action planning at team and individual level
  • Workshops align with your strategy

Flexible teaching in a time-efficient way that suits the professional mind-set

  • Classroom format
  • Webinars
  • “Lunch & Learn” sessions
  • Workshops
  • Coaching – 1:1 or team
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Additional bespoke programmes

The Spiranti Academy

The Spiranti Academy helps participants to solve specific problems by driving innovation and digital transformation in their firms by providing high-impact personal development.

It brings together leading innovation experts, professional services leaders, technologists and academics to make digital technologies accessible and to share practical techniques for successful innovation.

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