Conducting a Client Feedback Interview

The value of conducting an effective client feedback programme is widely understood. Few firms, however, have people with the specialist skills necessary to carry out the interviews well, and without risking the perception that you may be engaging in disguised cross-selling.

This programme covers the relevant skills and success factors as well as the benefits of supplementing face-to-face and telephone interviews with tools such as online surveys.

Content and learning outcomes

Our client listening training for partners and other fee earners is designed to help people in the firm to:

  • Feel confident with interview discussion guide used for relationship or post-transaction reviews
  • Understand how to set up and run an effective feedback discussion with a client, including questioning techniques and best practice approaches
  • Understand what to do with the insight captured from clients to maximise the value of feedback
  • Stay on the right side of the line between probing for opportunities and overt selling
  • Build confidence by equipping people with techniques to deal with difficult and unexpected scenarios when speaking with clients
  • Practice interviewing techniques through exercises and roleplay

Participants will be expected to do c. 45 minutes of pre-reading including:

  • A case study – developed by your firm, based on a Meridian West template
  • Meridian West research / your firm’s own client feedback


  • The workshop is for groups of 8 – 15 people
  • Participants can be
    • From the same client team / practice group or across the firm
    • Of a similar level of seniority or with different levels of experience
  • Fee includes access to Meridian West research

Workshop Leaders

About Meridian West workshops

Our workshops are based on practical experience and our research with over 1000 buyers of professional services each year (meaning that we know exactly what delights – and irritates – clients like yours). The content is practical, proven in the real world and action-oriented.  Delivery is interactive.

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To enquire about this workshop or to discuss your specific skills development requirements:

Contact: Helen Trudgeon 

Email: [email protected]