Online Business Development and

Client Engagement via LinkedIn

“LinkedIn members are nearly 50% more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn” Hubspot

LinkedIn is a powerful business development tool when used in a professional manner. If your sector is very competitive, your LinkedIn activity can help you stand out from the crowd.

Clients expect professionals to:

  • Listen and respond to their needs and goals
  • Provide a consistent, client experience across all touchpoints
  • Demonstrate knowledge of their client’s industry and the challenges they face

These skills are not usually taught until several years post-qualification, creating a major hurdle in career and client relationship development.

This workshop is interactive so no time is wasted, with participants able to work on LinkedIn ‘live’ during the session.

Content and learning outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Take guidance from other professionals who have used LinkedIn as a business development and client engagement tool through case studies
  • Use LinkedIn to strengthen current business relationships and increase repeat business
  • Use LinkedIn to get more referrals
  • Make use of LinkedIn groups as a source of potential clients
  • Prospect for clients with sophisticated searches


A one-page LinkedIn Personal Action Plan for completion by attendees during the session(s).


  • The workshop is a half-day in duration and is for a maximum of 12 people
  • Participants can be:
    • From the same client team / practice group or across the firm
    • Of a similar level of experience

About Meridian West workshops

Our workshops are based on practical experience and our research with over 1000 buyers of professional services each year (meaning that we know exactly what delights – and irritates – clients like yours). The content is practical, proven in the real world and action-oriented.  Delivery is interactive.

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