Taking your Account Management to the Next Level

Professionals need new business development skills to thrive in the future

Most professional firms now have some form of key client programme, but they need to evolve continually. Client expectations continue to rise and they are increasingly demanding greater collaboration between themselves and their professional advisory firms – at all levels within the team . Understanding your client programme, and putting together the right team – incorporating account managers and fee earners, along with client relationship partners – are core to building success relationships.

In this workshop you will learn how to define key clients for your firm and develop a highly effective account management plan.

Content and learning outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Gain buy-in from Partners
  • Understand what clients really value – based on Merdian West interviews with clients
  • Build the motivation and skills of the client teams
  • Identify which clients are Key Accounts and tiering Key Accounts
  • Develop and execute action planning
  • Build the confidence of fee-earners to have business conversations
  • Develop account managers into trusted advisers
  • Incentivise professionals to focus on account management
  • Gain feedback from clients effectively
  • Strengthen internal and external communication

Participants will be expected to do c. 45 minutes of pre-reading including:

  • A case study – developed by your firm, based on a Meridian West template
  • Meridian West research / your firm’s own client feedback

Logistics and cost

  • The workshop is for groups of 8 – 15 people
  • Fee includes access to Meridian West research

Workshop leaders

About Meridian West workshops

Our workshops are based on practical experience and our research with over 1000 buyers of professional services each year (meaning that we know exactly what delights – and irritates – clients like yours). The content is practical, proven in the real world and action-oriented.  Delivery is interactive.

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To enquire about this workshop or to discuss your specific skills development requirements:

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