Creating competitive advantage for professional services firms

Meridian West’s series of white papers looks at the role Learning & Development and HR can play in supporting the creation of competitive advantage within professional services firms. Stephen Newton collaborated with Dr Nigel Spencer of Oxford Saïd Business School on the series, focusing on 4 key topics:

An overview of key research themes in the series focussed on supporting firms to align their strategic learning and development activity – to drive competitive advantage, position themselves as a leading employer in the sector, and attract and retain the most capable talent.

This paper explores how Learning & Development (L&D can help a professional firm’s leadership future-proof the firm and enhance its ability to deliver its business strategy and brand promise.

This paper focuses on the challenging topic of how to lead change towards becoming the firm of the future and the strategic contribution which L&D can play at every step of this journey.

This Paper considers the changing patterns and needs of young professionals in the early stages of their careers, when firms are considering how to attract and retain the best talent, and then build the skills and knowledge of their high-potential recruits.

The final paper looks at the changing nature of more senior career paths which, historically, – particularly at the very end of careers – have received less attention from a developmental perspective than their more junior colleagues, despite their critical importance to a firm.

Watch a short overview of our white paper from authors Nigel Spencer and Stephen Newton.

As part of our research into the early career pathways of professionals, Stephen Newton caught up with Christina Blacklaws, President of the Law Society of England and Wales (2018-2019), to discuss the developments in the pathways that are available today.

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