Demystifying the UK ESG investing ecosystem

Maanch have written a comprehensive report on ESG (environmental, social and governance): a highly topical and complex subject in the impact ecosystem. The report aims to Demystify the UK ESG Investing Ecosystem to make sense of all the “noise” around ESG and shed light on:

  • Important definitions
  • The roles of, and interplay between, key organisations
  • Relevant regulation and legislation for ESG investing in the UK
  • Global investor initiatives with high participation of UK asset managers
  • Frameworks and reporting, including the most relevant recent developments

Maanch is an entrepreneurial B-Corp with a social purpose to help investors, companies, funders and charities capture, measure and communicate impact to help allocate more capital to the SDGs and to where most good is being done.

You can read the full report on Maanch’s website.