The Leadership Forum | Post-COVID professional services BD and market positioning – what now makes business sense?

Tuesday 10 November 2020
08:30 - 09:30

COVID has upended many of the pre-crisis norms of Professional Services Business Development – the client seminar; industry conferences; and so on.

What now makes business sense in Business Development?  More pointedly, with significant cost pressures across the whole business, where are professional services firms prepared to continue to invest and where are they not?

More broadly COVID has also created new commercial dynamics. How are firms thinking through their strategic direction and how they position in the market?

Ben Kent, Founding Director of Meridian West and  Andy Knox,  independent consultant working with Meridian West will co-chair a Virtual Roundtable to dig into these issues, including drawing on Meridian West’s 2020 client mandates in this space.

The key discussion points we’ll be focusing on during this session include:

  • Professional services business development – what has gone? What’s been kept? What’s been started?
  • How have professional services firms been staying close and relevant to clients when client businesses have been under immense strain?
  • What new skills and tools do marketeers need to create value for their internal practitioner clients?
  • COVID is challenging the market positioning of many firms – how are firms thinking through where and how they are choosing to compete?

Designed to be interactive, each month we bring together a changing group of around six to twelve leaders across professional services (legal, accounting, consulting, advisers) for peer-to-peer conversations that focus on the key business strategy challenges and opportunities we observe in our practice with clients and across the market.

As with all our Leadership Forum events, this roundtable is by invitation only but please contact us if you’d like to learn more or to register your interest in joining us.

More about the Leadership Forum

We are developing a community of senior leaders in professional services through a series of invite-only virtual roundtables in the autumn, that we are calling “The Leadership Forum”.

The specific areas we will be exploring in each session will be circulated in advance to give participants the opportunity to consider the key talking points  they would be most interested in talking to.

Our ambition in these sessions is to “get under the skin” of some of the knotty issues impacting firms, and deepen the discussion around outcomes and solutions, alongside the diagnostic. As we build this Leadership Forum community, we are also very open to suggestions from our participants on other topics we should be talking about.

In order to facilitate a frank and open exchange of views, these sessions will be private, but we may look to incorporate some of the generic insights shared in them in our own market commentary.

We firmly believe that there is a place for a more substantive debate and analysis around strategic leadership issues in professional services and that Meridian West is well-placed to bring to the table a “from the ground” business take which draws on our learnings from the diverse mandates we are carrying out.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more or to register your interest in joining us.

“Meridian West’s industry knowledge and network mean their Leadership Forums are always insightful and worth joining. The open conversation with peers is something you rarely find elsewhere.  I usually pick up two or three ideas I can take back into my business straightaway.

Nigel Clark, Global Head of Marketing and Communication, SLR Consulting

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