Thought Leadership in 15 minutes | Cutting edge research techniques

Tuesday 10 November 2020
13:30 - 13:45

In this “thought leadership in 15” session we’ll be discussing the latest tools and techniques we use to deliver thought leadership for our clients, including video interviews, virtual insight gathering and advanced segmentation.

Ben Kent, Founding Director of Meridian West and Jonathan Litterick, Senior Consultant with Meridian West, will share their expertise and experience of deploying this methodology on our clients’ thought leadership campaigns.

More about Thought Leadership in 15 Minutes

We’ve created a series of 15 minute masterclasses to provide practical guides that take you through the latest tactics for delivering a successful campaign. We’ll be joined by real experts from across professional services who’ll discuss their experience of what really works (or doesn’t!).  We’ve distilled these masterclasses into 15 minute interviews to ensure we remain direct and on point.

We’ll also include a bonus 15 minute post-interview Q&A, for those of you who’d like to further to discussion.

We hope you can join us!