Webinar: an introduction to Meridian West’s Thought Leadership Dashboards

Wednesday 1 April 2020
14:00 - 14:30

Join Meridian West for a 30 minute introduction to our new Thought Leadership Dashboards.

These new interactive tools are designed to help you get the most out of your thought leadership and deliver greater insights for your clients. Using segmentation and analysis, the dashboards drill down into your data to create personalised reports that can focus on specific areas of your research to create real value.

This webinar will show you how the dashboards can be used to support your partners, fee earners and account managers in engaging in meaningful conversations with their clients, using case studies and a walk through the dashboards themselves.

The webinar will show you how the dashboard can:

  • Create customised segmentation and analysis of your thought leadership
  • Build benchmarks to identify your clients’ core strengths and weaknesses across multiple touchpoints
  • Implement a personalised balanced scorecard approach
  • Quickly build and export custom presentations in your company PowerPoint template

Below are a few examples of how the Dashboards can be used:

  • Create balanced scorecards

Present key thought leadership research findings within meetings or downloaded into pre-formatted presentations, highlighting specific areas of interest or concern to clients, to enable further discussion.

  • Segmentation for deeper analysis

Drill more deeply into specific thought leadership results, by topic or segment to highlight relevant trends that may impact clients.

  • Segment responses by type of organisation and geographic location

Filter findings against peers, sector and/or geography to identify both positive and negative performance.

 Create personalised dashboards ‘on-the-fly’

Build customised dashboards within meetings by creating filters from a range of chart and tabular options to interpret data meaningfully.

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Times: 04:45 (PST), 07:45 (EST), 14:00 (GMT), 15:00 (CET)

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