[Webinar] Anticipating client needs and market trends in 2022

Wednesday 8 December 2021
09:00 - 09:30

As another unpredictable year draws to a close, Meridian West considers what the next 12 months might hold for leading B2B, advisory and professional services firms. How will clients’ needs and their relationships with advisors continue to evolve through 2022? What risks and opportunities should be on the radar for professional firms? How will firms gain and maintain competitive advantage?

This webinar will showcase proprietary data from Business Buyers Barometer, Meridian West’s regular pulse survey among buyers of professional services firms. This research explores the changing needs of senior buyers of professional services as well their views on the professional firms they work with.

Join Alastair Beddow and Ben Kent as they discuss and take questions on the trends you need to watch out for in 2022.