How To Guides

Our series of How to Guides is designed to help professional services firms with developing client-focused strategies.

They each contain a step-by-step guide for firms who want to develop their relationships with their clients, including how to create thought leadership campaigns with an impact, build an effective client feedback programme or create a client journey map to understand all the key client touchpoints and how robust they are.

More widely, our guides also cover the successful execution of a brand refresh or rebrand, and what to consider when looking at organisational design or planning the launch of a new product into the market.

These guides are based on Meridian West’s near two decades of experience working on similar projects for a range of professional firms.

They are all free to download and please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss any of these topics in more detail.

To download the guides, please click on the documents below.

Thought leadership guide
Client feedback
Innovation strategy

Organisational design
Launching new propositions
Professional services branding
Organising off-sites for professional services firms
Client journey map

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