We all know that thought leadership is an effective tool for building your firm’s market awareness, reputation and credibility. But it can achieve so much more. When deployed in the right way, selecting the right topics, targeting clients directly with personalised content, and creating visually engaging matter, thought leadership can strengthen your personal brand, showcase multiple professionals in your firm, and position experts in your firm as client-focused commercial advisers.

We recently held a webinar where we were joined by a thought leadership pioneer, a well-seasoned journalist and an expert in professional services branding, comms and design, for a masterclass that discussed best practice in thought leadership from ideation to execution and how personalisation can create an impact.

The full 45 minute webinar is now available to view:

Part 1: Ideas Lab – How to develop a thought leadership campaign
Matt Baldwin – Coast Communiations, Suzanne Snowden – Message Consulting

  • How to identify suitable topics for thought leadership
  • How to maximise engagement from your internal stakeholders
  • How to shape an effective thought leadership campaign

Part 2: Digitising your thought leadership for business development
Richard Silbermann – Brand Remedy

Thought leadership has moved beyond in-depth reports which deliver insights with a ‘thud factor’. Whilst still an essential part of a campaign, creating visually engaging, bite-sized content in a variety of formats is increasingly important to squeeze as much out of your insights as possible, supporting wider engagement for business development. Richard will be discussing:

  • How microsites, infographics, video and animations can be employed to amplify your insights and gain greater engagement

Part 3: How personalised outputs can increase engagement with your insights
Ben Kent & Jonathan Litterick – Meridian West

Personalisation is one of the Holy Grails of thought leadership, enabling you to distil your insights into targeted, visually engaging results for specific clients or as part of your business development campaigns.

  • Ben & Jonathan will discuss how technology can make personalisation simple with a demonstration of one of the tools Meridian West already uses with our clients.

The webinar ends with a moderated discussion around thought leadership campaigns with our panel.

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