Client experience


of professional firms now have a named individual at Executive-level responsible for improving client experience.

Successful businesses know that the delivery of services is just one part of the overall experience they provide to clients. In competitive markets such as professional services or fiancial services, where technical excellence is necessary but not sufficient to win work, businesses have to provide their clients with compelling and differentiated experiences.

Although service-focused businesses typically have many of the building blocks in place to deliver excellent client experiences, very few are able to do so in a consistent and coordinated way.

Delivering an outstanding client experience is only possible with a nuanced understanding of what clients expect of you. It requires the entire business – from professionals on the front line to back-office processes – to be aligned around the client’s needs and preferences.

Meridian West can help your firm to:

  • Understand how clients rate the quality of your client experience through a feedback programme
  • Identify areas of inconsistency and poor coordination that undermine the client experience through a client journey map, and capture best practices to overcome these pain points
  • Benchmark its client experience against direct competitors and identify areas of competitive advantage
  • Automate the collection and presentation of client experience insights through our Client Insight Platform portal 
  • Equip people with confidence, knowledge and skills to deliver excellent client service through our coaching and skills development curriculum.