Client Insight Platform

Give your team real-time access to client insights

Professional services firms typically struggle to make sense of the full range of data available to them. Information about client experience, financial metrics and employee performance often sits in silos, and it requires manual effort to turn this disparate information into strategically valuable insight.

The Client Insight Platform automates the collection, analysis and visualisation of client, financial and employee data. It provides a real-time, visual snapshot of the overall health of your business, and the opportunity to drill down and run reports on individual teams, clients or service lines.

Making sense of qualitative data through AI

Manually extracting insights from qualitative data can be a time-consuming process which carries the risk of over-looking invaluable client feedback – particularly when it sits in hard-to-access formats.

Introducing an AI-driven platform into your client insights programme helps solve this issue by making sense of the data for you and delivering through an easily accessible platform.

By automating this, and other processes that are currently undertaken manually, you can instead concentrate your time and effort on the activities that make a real difference to your client relationships: following-up on feedback, sharing relevant insights with internal teams, and spotting growth opportunities.

Benefits of using the Client Insight Platform

  • Identify growth opportunities within your existing clients
  • Reduce time spent reviewing transcripts
  • Customisable, automated dashboards
  • Track your service performance
  • Align with client journey touchpoints
  • Benchmark against your competitors
  • Based on industry standard best practice

Sample Client Insight Platform Dashboards

Identify clients who require most attention

This bespoke dashboard, designed for the Senior Management Team, uses the Net Promoter Score to highlight clients who are detractors, what the issues are and, by integrating internal client data, shows the level of fees at risk should these dissatisfied clients leave.

Add greater depth to your Net Promoter Score

Where your NPS score is the critical element of your client feedback, the dashboard provides deeper insight by highlighting the proportion of detractors vs promoters and key areas for concern. It also allows you to deep-dive into the specific root causes of dissatisfaction to give you a fuller picture of any underlying issues, helping you to prioritise and frame your response.

Sample qualitative ‘bubble’ chart

Identify the issues where clients will need your services

Analyse your client feedback by sector and type of business then use the Client Insight Platform to decide on growth areas for you, and identify the targets and topics for your marketing campaigns.

Identify fees at risk using NPS / fee spend analysis

Highlight the clients with the highest spend and the lowest NPS, who are likely to have the lowest levels of loyalty.

Sample NPS / fees scatter chart

Sample segmentation analysis

Need-based segmentation

We can build need-based segmentation using cluster analysis.  This technique categorises clients into groups based on their expectations and service needs. For example, Value Seekers who are looking for the lowest cost, DIYers who prefer to do things themselves, and Comfort Seekers who want a high touch, personal service.

For each segment you will be able to identify their needs, buying behaviour, spending patterns, and most effective sales and service approaches.  We will also be able to identify which client segments should be priorities for you to focus on.

Key driver analysis

Using multiple regression analysis we can predict which strategies will improve loyalty and cross-selling.  Multiple regression techniques make it possible to model how a large number of factors affect satisfaction, chances of defection and future spend.  This allows firms to focus on the key drivers and not waste resources on areas which might seem important but in fact are not.

Multiple regression analysis of key drivers

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