Client Journey Mapping

Improving client experience leads not only to increased client satisfaction and loyalty, but also to enhanced financial performance and a better engaged workforce. Projects designed to improve customer experience typically achieve revenue growth of up to 10% and a reduction in the cost of delivery of up to 25%.

A client journey map is a helpful tool to identify where your firm can add greater value to the client experience and to improve process efficiency. Taking a dual focus on value and process will ensure people in your firm prioritise their efforts on activities that delight clients in a way that generates higher profitability.

Meridian West can help your firm to:

  • Map out the typical client journey for your firm, and measure performance at each stage of the journey through an integrated feedback programme
  • Segment your client base into buyer types to understand which moments in the journey matter most to different client types
  • Capture internal best practices at each step of the client journey, and identify areas for process improvement
  • Create tools and collateral that will help your people deliver a consistently excellent client experience

Put simply, client journey mapping helps you to identify sources of friction at each stage of a client relationship, distil best practices to  address these pain points, and undercover areas where client delivery processes can be standardised.