Professional firms typically struggle to make sense of the full range of data available to them. Information about client experience, financial metrics and employee performance often sit in silos, and it requires manual effort to turn this disparate information into strategically valuable insight. 

Compass is an online platform that automates the collection, analysis and visualisation of client, financial and employee data. It provides a real-time, visual snapshot of the overall health of a firm, and the opportunity to drill down and run reports on individual teams, clients or practice groups.

By automating many of the processes that are currently undertaken manually you can instead concentrate your time and effort on the activities that make a real difference to your firm’s client relationships: following-up on feedback, sharing relevant insights with internal teams, and spotting collaboration opportunities.

Professional firms commonly cite the following benefits of using Compass:

  • An early warning system

    Quickly identify client relationships and future revenue at risk of defection

  • Intuitive and bespoke reporting

    Snapshot reports can be tailored to different client segments or business units at the click of a button

  • Facilitates better client planning

    Qualitative and quantitative reporting for individual clients support internal action-planning sessions