Meridian West speaks with…

Our conversations with senior experts across our industry explore key topics that complement our Virtual Breakfasts.

Lasting between approximately 10 and 20 minutes, future discussions focus on what the future of professional services is likely to be, the role of AI and intelligent automation, the skills required by the firm of the future, and the importance of staying close to your clients.

Meridian West speaks with… Mary Bonsor

Ben Kent of Meridian West speaks with Mary Bonsor, Founder and CEO of F-LEX an online platform that connects law firms and general counsel with flexible legal resource.

In their conversation Ben and Mary discuss the journey to founding F-LEX, how resourcing models within professional services will change over the longer-term, and the impact of technology of the professions and the likely winners and losers.

Meridian West speaks with… Andy Knox

Ben Kent of Meridian West speaks with Andy Knox,an independent consultant working with CEOs, CFOs, PMs, Sales Heads and Boards across clients, strategy and communications.

Ben and Andy talk about how professional services firms can stay close to their clients to add value at this time of crisis. Andy considers what the future role of the professional will be and what traits will set successful professionals ahead of their peers.

Meridian West speaks with… Simon Drane

Ben Kent of Meridian West speaks with Simon Drane, Founder and Managing Director of Earlsferry Advisory

Ben and Simon discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the professional services sector, how new technologies will provide opportunities for lawyers and accountants, and who the likely winners and losers will be for the short and long-term in our sector.

Meridian West speaks with… Mike Hobday

Ben Kent of Meridian West speaks with Mike Hobday, Chief Revenue Officer at AntWorks, a leading provider of integrated artificial intelligence and intelligent automation solutions.

In their conversation Ben and Mike discuss how the current crisis may provide an opportunity for professional firms to reinvent their processes, the role that AI and intelligent automation will play in the the response, and what steps leaders in professional firms should take to ensure their business model is fit for the future

Meridian West speaks with… Richard Kemp

In the next of our Meridian West speaks with… series, Meridian West Director Ben Kent sat down with Richard Kemp founder of Kemp IT Law and former Senior Partner at law firm Kemp Little.

Their conversation covered topics including how firm leaders can respond to the current COVID-19 crisis and how technology is transforming the way professionals interact with their client. They also discuss to what extent the business model of professional services is under threat, which future business models will drive growth, and who are the likely winners and losers.

Meridian West speaks with… Matthew Yeomans

Ben Kent of Meridian West speaks with Matthew Yeomans, Editorial Director at Sustainly, consultant at Meridian West and author of Trust Inc.: How Business Wins Respect in a Social Media Age.

They discuss alternative strategies for engaging audiences in a remote environment and whether long-form thought leadership content is dead. Matthew also shares some top-tips for engaging a C-suite audience.

Meridian West speaks with… Kimberly Bradshaw

Alastair Beddow, Managing Director of Meridian West, speaks with Kimberly Bradshaw, CEO of Spotlight HR, about how professional firms can look after the wellbeing and productivity of their staff during the COVID19 crisis.

Their conversation explores: the skills needed by leaders during this crisis, the role HR and learning and development can play in ensuring a resilient future for the professional services sector, and how to maximise staff engagement and productivity will working remotely