Meridian West’s Client Insight Platform

Give your team real-time access to client insights

Professional firms typically struggle to make sense of the full range of data available to them. Information about client experience, financial metrics and employee performance often sits in silos, and it requires manual effort to turn this disparate information into strategically valuable insight.

The Client insight Platform automates the collection, analysis and visualisations of client, financial and employee data. It provides a real-time visual snapshot of the overall health of a firm ,and the opportunity to drill down and run reports on individual teams, clients or practice groups.

Why use our client Insight Platform?

  • Identify growth opportunities within your existing clients
  • Reduce time spent reviewing transcripts
  • Customisable, automated dashboards
  • Track your firm’s service performance
  • Align your client journey touchpoints
  • benchmark against your competitors
  • Based on industry standard best practice

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