PM Forum Magazine: A new decade brings fresh priorities

Below is a short excerpt from Alastair Beddow’s review of the findings from the latest PM Forum Benchmark of marketing leaders within professional services firms. The full article can be downloaded below, or viewed on PM Forum’s website.

The PM Forum’s eighth annual Marketing Leaders’ Benchmark shows professional firms investing in brand differentiation, marketing automation and client experience. But, asks Alastair Beddow, do they have the right metrics in place to keep track of their success?

The start of 2020 provides an opportunity for reflection. Think back to 2010: the pressure on professional fees caused by the global financial crisis was beginning to bite. The idea of professional firms incubating technology start-ups was not on anybody’s radar. Marketing automation and big data technologies were in their infancy. Few firms had systematic programmes for collating and analysing client feedback data. In spite of the turbulence of the last decade, professional services has remained resilient. With its healthy topline growth, and continued international expansion, the sector has been a roaring success story for the UK economy throughout a decade of otherwise stagnant activity.

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