Webinar: Steps for successful new proposition development

In this virtual breakfast Ben Kent of Meridian West discusses the steps required for successful proposition development in professional services . They examine the reasons why professional services are moving to a blended services and product business model, the steps required to embrace productisation successfully, and how to use customer research to test demand and economic model.

Ben is joined by Paul Avis, Strategic Propositions Director at Canada Life, Jeremy Tobias Tarsh, founder of Totallylegal.com; Legistics Limited and a Director and Editor-in-Chief of web services at Practical Law Company , Simon Drane, founder of Earlsferry Advisory and Alastair Beddow, Managing Director at Meridian West.

Our weekly series of virtual breakfasts – You bring the breakfast, we bring the insight – will help you stay plugged in to the latest news and thinking from experts in our sector. We will provide up-to-date insights, you provide the avocado.

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