Market strategy


of professional firms say they have a clearly-defined focus on specific client sectors and client segments.

Having a targeted and evidence-based business development strategy is one of the hallmarks of successful businesses. A clever strategy means business development time and effort is channelled toward the opportunities most likely to drive long-term success. 

Client-focused firms  achieve strong alignment between their own capabilities and their clients’ needs. When setting their market strategy they start by identifying how the needs, preferences and issues on the top of the agenda of their priority client groups are changing. They then decide how best to respond to these opportunities.

A client-focused business development strategy not only helps you enjoy strong relationships with your clients, but also ensures that new business is not won at the expense of future profitability.

Meridian West can help your firm to:

  • Build the evidence base to decide which client sectors and segments represent the strongest future opportunities for your firm
  • Understand where to prioritise your business development time and resource, avoiding the scattergun approach taken by many firms
  • Navigate internal politics to set a strategy that people can get fully behind
  • Create thought leadership collateral to support more efficient business development
  • Improve the confidence and skills of your people to become better business developers
  • Achieve the optimum organisational design that supports client-focused business development