Brand positioning

For professional services, the reputation of your brand is paramount. Potential clients often find it hard to differentiate between similar companies delivering similar services in a similar way. Your branding should be client-focused, supporting a clear value proposition – critical for winning business. 

Thinking strategically about your brand is important. It needs to tell clients something compelling about the experience of working with you that will set you apart from your competitors. Your brand positioning also needs to be true to your values and be aspirational for people within the business.

In today’s market too many companies talk about having a client-focused brand without backing this up with a compelling client experience. To avoid your brand becoming an empty promise you need to make sure all elements of the brand – from the essence of your brand proposition to the nature of the client experience – are in alignment.

Brand proposition - the essence of what defines your brand Tone of voice - the words, phrases and images you use to describe your brand Proof points - the evidence that supports your brand proposition Client experience - how your brand comes to life when interacting with clients

Meridian West can help your firm to:

  • Measure and track awareness, favourability and reputation of your current brand in the market against competitors
  • Identify what clients, intermediaries and prospects see as the values, ideas and attributes that underpin your brand
  • Refresh your brand, including testing draft brand propositions with clients
  • Articulate brand messages that will be credible and differentiating for your firm’s target clients
  • Make your sure your brand comes to life by advising on your client experience strategy