Big decisions often need the backing of an entire firm if they are to be successfully implemented. Occasions like a partners’ offsite or a firm-wide conference can be instrumental in sharing information and building consensus around important strategic decisions.

However, these occasions are too important to be left to chance. It can be easy to become distracted or fail to gain traction on the big issues. Lots of talking does not always lead to practical decision-making.

Having an experienced external facilitator can help to avoid unproductive meetings or conferences in your firm. It can give structure to conversations to ensure that everybody in your firm feels listened to, and that discussions translate into clear decisions that people can implement back in the office.

Meridian West can help your firm to:

  • Get the most out of your conference or partner retreat through careful planning and preparation work
  • Facilitate break-out groups to ensure everybody in your firm has an opportunity to participate in strategy formulation
  • Present an independent assessment of your firm’s performance against competitors at its firm-wide conference
  • Share insights about market trends relevant to your firm at its firm-wide conference
  • Facilitate Executive Committee or Management Board meetings to reach consensus on difficult decisions