New proposition development

Markets move quickly, which means that the needs of your clients are constantly changing. With risk and volatility high on the agenda, clients are looking for reassurance and trusted advice. They are also looking for new ways of working with professionals: technology, automation and data analytics are changing how advice and insight can be delivered to clients.

Change brings significant opportunities to develop new service propositions to meet the evolving needs of your clients. The firms that foster entrepreneurialism internally are best placed to spot these opportunities, act on them quickly, and take a dominant share in a new market.

However, investing time and money in developing new services needs to be undertaken in a client-focused way. Without clear and direct input from your clients, you can find yourself second-guessing how a new service could best meet their needs.

Meridian West can help your firm to:

  • Assess the potential market demand for new service propositions
  • Test how the features, benefits and delivery model of a new service resonate with your target market
  • Identify the right operating model, price point and marketing campaigns needed to launch new propositions
  • Model the economics and business case of launching a new proposition
  • Draft marketing messages to support the development and roll-out of new services