Client feedback – are you a horizon-scanner, evaluator or beginner?

Our recently launched Client Feedback Benchmark has been designed as an assessment of client feedback within professional services firms, how advanced it is and what approaches firms are taking to gain deeper insights into their clients.  Finally, the Benchmark also assesses the levels of impact client listening is having on how firms engage with their clients.

We have identified four stages of maturity within professional firms, from Beginners who approach client feedback on an ad hoc basis, through to Horizon-scanners who use advanced feedback programmes to generate insights and act as a catalyst to drive strategy and deliver client-centric change.

As a thank you for taking part we can also send you a copy of the research results and how you compare to other firms, once published.  We estimate that the survey will take you about 7 minutes to complete.

The report – and your individual benchmark – will be published once the number of responses has reached a critical mass with enough data to deliver meaningful results.

Key areas addressed in the Benchmark include:

  • Drivers for undertaking client feedback
  • Research approaches taken by firms
  • Themes covered in client listening programmes
  • Analysis techniques applied to the results
  • What technologies firms are using
  • Post-feedback actions undertaken
  • How firms are assessing success

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