Thought Leadership Pioneers – Emily Miller

Getting the most out of LinkedIn

It is a given that marketing and business development teams understand and know how to get the best of social media.  That is not always necessarily the case for busy professionals.

Emily Miller, a Meridian West consultant and LinkedIn trainer, tells us that can mean opportunities are lost when it comes to making the most from hard-planned and well-implemented thought leadership campaigns.

Professionals, particularly lawyers and accountants, are naturally risk averse.  It is, in many ways, part of their job.  That becomes particularly apparent in their use of social media and, in turn, that can cause challenges when looking to engage online audiences through thought leadership campaigns.

“The underlying challenge facing professionals when asked to embrace social media is quite straightforward,” says Emily Miller.  “It is what to say and how to say it.  And in terms of thought leadership that can easily be addressed.”

“We ask that professionals put themselves in their clients’ shoes and look at what would support and help them.  What are they likely to find interesting?  And only then how should content and insights be shared.”

All you have to do is look at the infographic below to understand why professionals, not just the BD or marketing teams, need to proactively use LinkedIn as a channel for communicating thought leadership. LinkedIn is a ‘go to’ source for business information and articles so professionals should be sharing thought leadership content as status updates and LinkedIn articles as well as personalised messages to key clients and prospects.

With only 1% of monthly LinkedIn users posting weekly, it’s easy to stand out from the crowd if you make smart use of LinkedIn as a thought leadership campaign channel.

And when you consider the fact that some 84 per cent of c-suite execs read and engage with thought leadership to a much greater degree when it is shared by a person they know, LinkedIn is the natural channel.

“Partner engagement and buy-in from the earliest stages is critical,” explains Emily.  “They need to understand what is being done and why and feel that they own and can shape a campaign.”

But it shouldn’t all be in the hands of the professionals – marketing and business development teams can do a lot to make it easier for professionals.

“The life of a piece of thought leadership can be extended through LinkedIn articles, status updates and video, drip-fed out over subsequent months,” says Emily.  “These can be written by marketing teams with scope for professionals to personalise.

“Think also if content can be shared by more than just one individual, and make sure to send key contacts a personalised direct message signposting the report and content.”

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