Miles King

Miles is a consultant with over 25 years of experience in creating strategy, executing marketing plans and designing organisations and building capabilities, developed through engagements and senior roles in both professional services and industry.

He has worked for organisations in the strategy consulting (Marakon, Cognosis), marketing (Brand Learning) and engineering design sectors (Arup). During his career Miles has led projects to redefine strategic business focus, relaunch brands, prepare firms for merger and post-merger integration, create and deliver marketing capabilities, and redesign functions.

As CMO at Arup, he redesigned the marketing and communications team into a global function, which involved reworking roles and profiles to fit new strategy, search and recruitment of key individuals to lead teams, creating new specialisms and roles (e.g. Digital team, Creative Director). His organisational design project extended into protocols for joint working with adjacent functions (e.g. Business Development, HR) and regionally distributed functional teams (e.g. Global and Region working).

Miles has an MBA from London Business School and an engineering degree from Imperial College. A developer of new ideas and pragmatic solutions, Miles is never happier than when creatively solving problems.

+44 (0)20 7261 4700