The State of Innovation in Professional Legal Services

Webinar | Thursday 1 October 2020
The Professional Law Institute (PLI) is hosting the launch of our new report on “The State of Innovation...
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The Leadership Forum | The ongoing unbundling of professional services - challenge or opportunity?

Webinar | Tuesday 13 October 2020
With professional services transforming through productisation, the arrival of new challenger firms and the en...
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The Leadership Forum | Professional Services tech - what is making business sense?

Webinar | Thursday 15 October 2020
In the wake of the COVID-19, what is the business case for professional services technology, and what impact h...
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The Leadership Forum | A better way: reconfiguring the relationship between practitioners and marketeers in professional services

Webinar | Tuesday 10 November 2020
What is the current state of play with the relationship between marketeers and practitioners in professional s...
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